Fall is coming

Whether looking ahead and thinking of returning to classrooms and homework or attending football games at your alma mater, the season is upon us.


Fall is coming, Rah Rah Rah!

It’s a great time of year to learn something new.
How about a knitting project with a few built-in lessons?

Invisible Hem

Working Top-Down

Hidden Seams

Madison Tattersall Vest Kit

Here’s a modern take on a classic fall wardrobe staple.

Ecopuno Tweed provides a background for tattersall checks that are a combination of knitting and crochet. The blend of alpaca, merino wool and cotton is the ideal yarn for a vest—cozy and perfect for layering.

Ecopuno Tweed & Ecopuno

9 Colorways

The blend of 60% cotton, 15% poly, 14% alpaca and 10% wool yields a yarn that knits like your favorite alpaca or merino but is mostly cotton. Isn’t that amazing? And the little pattern stripes are Ecopuno without the tweed—think of them as sisters.

Michael & Mikey Cardigan Kits

What’s perfect with a his or her college prep tie, a t-shirt, jeans, dress slacks, corduroys, a pleated skirt?

A cardigan of course. Here’s a timeless classic in the world’s best linen yarn, Euroflax. The more you wash it the softer is gets, and it will last as long as your best college memories.


12 Colorways

This sport-weight linen is the world’s finest pure flax fiber from Belgium. It is double boiled to give a very soft, exceptional quality. In production there is no irrigation, GMO, or waste, and the dyes are certified Oeko-Tex. How’s that for an eco-yarn?