Women Are Wearing James Cox Knits

Special Gifts for Mom’s Special Day – 20% Off

It is time for knitters to consider creating a highly personalized gift for mom. We have a variety of convenient knitting kits for accessories, or even a beautiful summer sweater. Shop for a project that will be fun for you to knit and a delightful surprise for your mom.

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Until May 15, 2017

Ladies, while my knitting kits are designed with the male in mind, many of my customers are in fact women who have decided the garments would look perfect on them. And they're right! Check out my full collection of designs, fibers and colors. You just might decide to knit for yourself instead of your boyfriend, husband, son, nephew, cousin, father or that cute guy in apartment 3G.

"I love this sweater. Think I will knit it for myself." ~ Joyce C.

"I’ve been stealing men’s sweaters, jackets and shirts for decades!" ~ Kari L.

"Ooohhh…Haute Haute Hot!!!" ~ Willanda W.

"Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and PURLS. These knits are the best!" ~ Patti T.

"Luxurious quality yarns." ~ Jeani M.

"Sophisticated, elegant, stylish, chic." ~ Patsy A.

Your clothing is gorgeous ~ Katherine M.