Lamb’s Pride from Brown Sheep – 24 Color Options
Lamb’s Pride from Brown Sheep – 24 Color Options
Lamb’s Pride from Brown Sheep – 24 Color Options

Lamb’s Pride from Brown Sheep – 24 Color Options

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As an alternative to purchasing a James Cox Knits kit, which includes the pattern and yarn, plus in some our unique row checker, you can simply order any of our wonderful yarns.

Lamb’s Pride from Brown Sheep – 24 Color Options

    • 85% American Wool, 15% Mohair
    • 190 yards/173M – 4 oz./113 grams
    • US 8/5mm needles
    • Approx. 4.5 stitches per inch
    • Worsted weight

      Lamb's Pride is an eco-yarn.

      Lamb's Pride is your essential single-ply yarn. It has been a favorite for over 30 years among those who knit or crochet. The luxurious blend of 85% American wool and 15% mohair gives this yarn shimmer, strength and shine. It’s an eco-friendly yarn, dyed in Brown Sheep’s proprietary process, which provides for more that 90% water recycling. Lamb's Pride is a great felting yarn too.
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      Sophisticated, elegant, stylish, chic. After seeing James’ collection, I may give up needlepoint.

      Patsy A.

      These designs take men's sweaters to a whole new level of luxury and deliciousness. Might have to get a new man once my divorce goes through, just so I can knit him a James Cox Knits sweater.

      Florence Q.