Turn your knitting upside down.

 If you haven’t tried top-down knitting, get ready to fall in love. I did, when I discovered this amazingly simple approach. It allows you to knit most of my sweater patterns without a single seam. And better yet, this technique helps you guarantee the sweater fits just right. Because as you knit, you can remove the work from your needles and have the lucky person for whom you’re knitting try it on at each stage of completion. You’ll know the shoulders and chest are the right width, the sleeves and body are fitting nicely, and the length is perfect before you bind off and work in your loose ends. So, if the idea of top-down knitting still makes you a bit nervous, be brave and jump in with round needles in hand. Try one of my knitwear designs and proceed to create top-notch results.


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Top-Down Pullover with Full Fashioned Neck (PDF)

(Hayes Ski Sweater)
(Rodney Wooly Sweater)