About James


James at work


Hi there. I’m James Cox. Although, most of my life, I’ve been called Jim. I’m from the Midwest, Kansas to be exact, so I like to think that in spite of my designer chops I’m pretty down to earth. And approachable. That’s why I always invite you to reach out to me, personally, if you have an issue that needs attention, a stitch that needs help or just want a knitting friend to chat with.

While men who knit are not a rare breed today, I’ve been designing and knitting handmade fashions for more than four decades. Maybe because knitting is in my genes.  Growing up, I was outnumbered by my mom and three sisters who all knit for fun. While I didn’t start knitting right out of the womb, once I got the bug, I’ve rarely put the needles down.  Ok, I don’t eat with them even though they’d make fine chopsticks.


My First Knitting Attempt


Here’s my first knitting attempt. I even designed this Fair Isle cardigan and wear it to this day. 


While knitting was always my passion, I got sidetracked by a career as an advertising agency art director and design teacher. While working in the ad biz, I helped launch Apple’s Mac computer and created numerous television commercials. Some of those TV ads are in the permanent archives of the Smithsonian Institution. (Couldn’t help tooting my horn a little.)

One day, while I was shopping at a trendy men’s clothing boutique in Paris the storeowner approached. He asked about the beautiful sweater I was wearing. I explained that I had designed it and knitted it myself. The storeowner handed me his business card and said, “When you’re ready to launch your own line, please call me!” I walked out—my head spinning and bathed in the glow of the light bulb going off over my head—and realized, duh, I’m a fashion designer. This epiphany moment became the inspiration I needed to leap out of the ad-world and into the world that had always given me so much pleasure—designing and knitting clothing.

And so, five years later, here I am. The Founder, Proprietor, Fashion Designer and Gofer of my own knitwear company and online website, James Cox Knits.

Since then, I’ve been profiled in the fashion media by the likes of Vogue Knitting. My knitting kits have been included in the SWAG BAG bags of Red-Carpet Celebs for that Big Hollywood Awards show that I’m not allowed to mention by name. And speaking of celebrity, I was endorsed by the lifetime knitter and actor BD Wong. (Ooops, tooting my horn again.) You will also find me teaching at Stitches and Vogue Knitting Live events.


James featured in Vogue Knitting

A profile of James as a knitwear designer in Vogue Knitting

Today, I split my personal time between the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Palm Springs in California with my partner, Bob. As Dorothy could have said, “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore and neither is James!”

Luckily, wherever I am, I have a growing group of followers who I’m honored to guide and encourage. I’d love to add you to the list.