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An Easier Chinese Waitress Cast On

1 x 1 Ribbing Cast On in the Round

This is the easiest way to cast on in 1 x 1 ribbing when working in the round. The finished edge is a very attractive transition between the pattern on the right and wrong sides. Plus the result is very elastic. It is excellent for top-down socks and bottom up sweaters and sleeves.

Rice Stitch

I like the Rice Stitch for several reasons, first of all because it produces a really attractive grid of stitches. These are created by knitting through the back of a stitch through the back of the loop and on the reverse side.

Shadow Check Stitch

Learn how to knit the reversible shadow check stitch. Each side is uniquely textured to create shadows that give your creation extra interest and beauty.

No Underarm Holes

Eliminate holes at the underarm when separating the body and sleeves while working seamless garments. A simple technique that works every time for sweaters and tops.

Ribbing Edges

This extremely simple technique creates beautiful edges when working in ribbing. It can be used on any ribbing pattern: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, whatever combination of knit and purl stitches you choose.

Magic Knot

Learn how to tie the magic knot. It is a tiny knot that joins two strands of yarn. And is extremely strong. The more tension placed on the knot the stronger it holds. The yarn tails are clipped at the knot, eliminating tails when doing finish work on your knitting. The Magic Knot is featured in our Merlin Magic Cowl Designer Knitting Pattern.

Woven Knitting

James has developed a surprisingly simple technique that integrates knitting and weaving. The result is a beautiful reversible pattern that is exactly the same on both sides. Our Waverly Placemat Designer Knitting Pattern uses this beautiful technique.