Knitting World Peace

At least once a day I step off the rushing treadmill called daily life to enjoy the exceptionally peaceful state that knitting can induce. If you strive to do the same, you’ll appreciate Knitting Peace a worldwide movement, conceived by Tilde Bjorfors and performed by a high-risk nouveau circus from Sweden. The touring company called Cirkus Cirkör Knitting Peace consists of five astonishing multinational performers. The sets appear to be made of yarn, and the cast includes yarn dolls and balls of yarn that move on their own. The effects are surreal.

Each performance integrates a yarn-bombing installation (ironic description), and was most recently staged in Philadelphia. Where students at University of the Arts worked in conjunction with the Philadelphia Festival of the Arts. Their knitted creations, made using everything from needles to broomsticks, were contributed to a growing collection gathered from Argentina, Scandinavia, Ireland and even a group of second graders from New York. This collection currently includes a cathedral like ceiling, leafy wall decorations, ropy bench covers, and even baby jackets.

All of this is bringing attention to the art of knitting while working hard to encourage world peace. Peaceful thinking and peaceful actions start with individuals. I’m so pleased to hear about this opportunity for caring knitters to use their talent to influence the thinking and actions of people around the world.

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