StitchSaver™ Row Checkers

“I do love the row checker!! Makes it pretty hard to make a mistake.”
— J. Lee, La Quinta, CA

Our StitchSaver™ row checkers accompany patterns that are more complicated or simply require more concentration. With our row checker, if you put your project aside for a few days, a few months (hopefully not a few years), come back and know exactly where you were in the pattern when you took a break.

If you have already purchased a pattern that is accompanied by a StitchSaver™ row checker, thanks. Simply locate the design you are creating and then download the file(s) to your computer. 

Each row checker provides the following:

  • Detailed tables consist of stitch counts by sections for each row in each portion of a pattern: back, sleeves, front, etc.
  • All shaping—increases and decreases—for the pattern is indicated in the tables.
  • Every table has a check off column, where you can mark each row as it is completed.
  • Patterns incorporate all sizes and include a link to the page online where you can download the row checker for the size(s) that you are knitting.

If you need assistance with your project refer to our Knitting Help page or click here to contact us for personal support. 

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