BD Wong’s Gift for Dad Inspires a Lifetime of Knitting

BD Wong’s Gift for Dad Inspires a Lifetime of Knitting

With Father’s Day approaching, let’s look at a Dad who knits…and has knitted for his own Dad.

BD Wong, best known for his award winning roles on Broadway and the big screen, wins accolades for his knitting as well. He started at the age of 5 when he knit a glasses case for his Dad. He discussed it during a recent photo shoot for James Cox Knits.

“My Mother and almost all of my Aunties knit a lot, and I became fascinated by this process that could produce such beautiful things.

“I find knitting very satisfying, very relaxing. There have been times when I’ve knitted backstage during a play. In fact, I recently connected on Facebook with fellow cast members of a play I was in back in 1985. More than one of them asked if I had completed the yellow sweater I was working on at that time. I had—it was a pattern based on one my Aunt Rosie had created.

“Most reasons people love knitting are the same reasons l like it, too. I have always thought it was a nifty thing to do. I also have an affinity for it. I am really good at fixing mistakes and troubleshooting."

BD Wong wears James Cox Knits Carl Sweater

More challenging, says Wong, is finding what to knit. “I’ve been to knitting stores where it was really hard to find attractive patterns for men. It’s really nice to discover someone who is making patterns in styles that men want to wear.

BD Wong wears James Cox Knits Doug Sweater

“Whether you’re making it for yourself or someone is making it for you, if it doesn’t fit perfectly or reflect your taste, you’re not going to wear it. We took pictures of me in a number of sweaters today and they’re beautiful. The line offers options in a variety of moods—something for everyone—and I look forward to seeing what’s coming next.”

As for that first project completed decades ago? “My Dad was very proud.”

BD Wong with James Cox Knits Backpack