James Cox Knits got an early Christmas gift.

James Cox Knits got an early Christmas gift.

James Cox Knits on cover of Apparel News

I couldn’t like this early Christmas gift more if it had come wrapped in a hand-dyed Mongolian cashmere bow: a front-page, feature article on James Cox Knits and the man behind the designs.

California Apparel News took an interest in how my brand will fill what research has shown to be a gap within the knitting community—a lack of men’s knitwear patterns that are well matched with knitter’s preferences. And after our interview they concluded James Cox Knits is a valuable new resource.

A couple years before launching James Cox Knits I started researching the market, surveying knitters across the country to determine how they felt about the men’s patterns that are currently available. I learned a lot. And I discovered that many knitters feel the same way I do about men’s patterns. They seem to prefer designs that are traditional, casual, tailored and fashionable. They told me there weren’t enough good patterns available: 56.7 percent stated their satisfaction with men’s patterns was average and an additional 38.3 percent below average or poor.

So, the study inspired me to create patterns that knitters want to knit and perhaps most importantly that men want to wear. I’m offering kits for my designs that pair patterns with the ideal yarn so I can “partner” with knitters in the act of making sweaters and fashion accessories.

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Happy Knitting and Happy Holidays.