James' Knit Notes

Knit With The Stars

News Flash: I was recently asked to provide a menswear knitting kit for inclusion in the Hollywood Award Season Gift Bag being gifted to Hollywood’s biggest stars. So, my Warren Two-Toned Tie kit is being delivered to celebrity nominees, presenters and the media. I lived in Los Angeles for 30 years, and during the award season found myself in the midst of the excitement that surrounded the film industry. Additionally, one of my sisters, Joyce, is an executive producer for visual effects having produced for numerous major films including Avatar, The Dark Knight, and currently Disney’s Jungle Book. Once I even got to attend a premier—The Great Gatsby at Lincoln Center. While I’m no celebrity, that night I almost felt like one. One of the interesting facts I discovered along the way was that actors and actresses at times are found knitting on the set during the long delays as lighting and technical adjustments are being made. Perhaps the meditative benefits of knitting help them to focus on the characters they are playing in front of the camera. So, the next time you’re killing time with a little knitting imagine that somewhere there could be a movie star doing the same. And now I can imagine that you’re both knitting something for a man with one of my little kits.

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