How to knit cables without a cable needle James Cox Knits

Cable Without a Cable Needle

Forget the cable needle. You can work 2 x 2 ribbing with beautiful tiny cables using only the tips of your knitting needles. It is easy, fun and here's how you do it:

Multiple: 4 + 2
Row 1: (RS): P2, * K2, P2; rep from *
Row 2: K2, * P2, K2; rep from *
Row 3: P2, * Knit 2tog but do not remove the 2 sts from the left needle, knit into the 1st stitch again, slip the 2 stitches off the left needle, P2; rep from *
Row 4: K2, * P2, K2; rep from *
Rep rows 1 to 4