Deadline Knitting

I'm rather certain every knitter has at some point furiously knitted away the hours on a project that had to meet an immovable deadline. Like Christmas morning, or someone's special birthday. So, how would you feel if your project was not a sweater, but a cast of 13 sweaters, and your deadline was the curtain going up on a Broadway musical? Meet Judith Durant, who spent 3 months on her couch from 6am to 2am each day. After taking on the job and her initial panic attack, she did recruit knitters to help her. But still found herself on a train from Boston to Manhattan for a final show run through knitting the second sleeve on a sweater. "I sat on the train knitting like a maniac, very dramatic, Ms. Durant said. Three minutes outside Penn station I took the last stitch."  So, next time you're facing a deadline with needles in hand, think of Judith, and breathe a very big sigh of relief. — James

To read Cody O'Loughlin's full story from the New York Times click here:        Photo: Sara Krulwich