Double Increases - Unlimited

Double Increases - Unlimited

When I started designing sweaters I needed to learn about double increases. It didn't take long to find a wide variety of choices. And I also learned that you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to decorative double increases, having incorporated cables, mock cables, eyelets, ribbing and this week even a beautiful leaf pattern. The photo shown here is taken from a sampler of double increases that I just completed for quick and easy reference. Now, in spite of all the new discoveries I made I keep coming back to my early favorite. A stitch I learned from Barbara Walker maybe 35 years ago. It's virtually invisible, so naturally I call it the invisible double increase. Try it, who knows, perhaps it could double the pleasure of your next project. Cheers  — James

Invisible Double Increase:

- With right needle pick up the right side of the stitch below and place on the left needle. Knit this stitch.

- Knit through the back loop.

- Insert the tip of the left needle downward into the left side of the stitch below and knit.