Hand knit a baseball cap?

After starting with scarves, I suspect almost all knitters then move on to caps. I have certainly knitted my share of caps. Perhaps because I’m half bald and have to wear a hat whenever I’m outside. The hats I’ve worn over the years have rarely been a stocking cap or a beanie that I made myself. They’re all baseball caps that I bought—I now have quite a collection.  Then one day I had the idea that I could actually knit a baseball cap. But first I did a little research and learned that the ancestor to today's baseball cap dates back to the Brooklyn Excelsiors team in 1860. By 1900 the Brooklyn cap became very popular and during the 1940s the latex bill insert gave birth to the modern baseball cap that we know today. Next I scoured the Internet until I finally found a good source for bill inserts and set to work. It took quite a while to conquer this task: knitting up a successful sample and writing the pattern along with the companion row checker. I call the result Hank (after Hank Aaron). It’s cotton, very comfortable, custom sized, machine washable and a rather precise replica of the classic design, right down to the little button on top. — James