Hooked by Fisherman's Rib

Hooked by Fisherman's Rib

When I decided to explore brioche knitting, I set out to create a reversible cowl in one-by-one ribbing, pairing Zauberball Crazy variegated yarn with Sueño. However, when sharing the design with one of my favorite knitters she said why not make life a lot easier and knit the fisherman's rib. I pictured a rather salty fisherman hauling in nets full of wiggly fish from the coastal waters of Ireland. Wearing a bulky, wooly sweater. When she explained it looks like brioche, but is worked with only a 2-row repeat instead of the brioche 4-row repeat, I raised my needles and said, "Sign me up." With this amazingly simple stitch I turned out a beautiful cowl. Try knitting this pattern in the round and let me know if you get hooked by the fisherman. Cheers, James

Fisherman's Rib:

Using yarn A, cast on an even number of stitches, place a marker and join in the round. Work one row of 1x1 rib.

Row 2: Using yarn B, *K1b (insert right needle into the knit stitch below the stitch on the left needle, knit, slide both stitches off the needle), P1; rep from the *.

Row 3: Using yarn A* K1, P1b (insert right needle into the purl stitch below the stitch on the left  needle, purl, slide both stitches off the needle); rep from the *.

Rep rows 2 and 3.

Finish with a row of 1x1 rib in yarn A, and bind-off.