Is a knit tie the anti-power tie?

When I launched my collection of ties, The Wall Street Journal ran an article that presented knit ties as the casual, anti-power tie. They went so far as to say it was the fashion insider’s choice that season. About the same time MR a menswear industry magazine explored whether knit ties were a hot trend or a small niche. Then L’Atelier, a lovely knitting boutique in Redondo Beach, California asked me to design a ladies tie in a beautiful rich purple yarn with silver metallic highlights. Over the past couple years I have seem plenty of interest in my hand knit ties ranging from simple classics in garter stitch to a double knit design with tiny Brook’s Brothers-style polka dots to a rather unique design featuring the two strands interlaced. And along the way the real surprise has been the number of women who have bought tie knitting kits for themselves—classic ties in cheerful, feminine colors. All I know for sure is that when I wear one of the ties that I hand knit to a meeting, I always feel just a little bit empowered.

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