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Knitted Glass

When I heard about knitting with glass, I visualized an artist with needles and fiberglass yarn. Then I saw the works of Carol Milne. In 2006 Milne invented a technique that uses knitting, lost-wax casting, mold-making and kiln casting. The result is beautiful, remarkable glass sculptures. She explores ideas that range from oversized knitted fabric complete with glass needles to a pair of hands that transform into the knitted fabric coming off the knitter's needles.

The creative process starts with a sculpture made of wax, which Milne encases in a molding material that can withstand temperatures up to 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit. After using hot steam to melt the wax, she fills the empty cavities with bits of glass and places the mold in her kiln. After cooling down slowly over several weeks the mold is carefully chipped away revealing a unique creation crafted by a rather remarkable knitter. To see more of Carol Milne's work visit her online gallery. https://www.facebook.com/carolmilneartwork/

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