James' Knit Notes

Recycled Yarn


You may be knitting with recycled fibers and not know it. The importance of recycling textiles is increasing and more yarn manufacturers are trying to do their part in moving towards a zero landfill society. Some companies, like Lana Grossa are creating yarns from recycle fibers. Others, like Zitron, are manufacturing only yarns that meet the highest standards for both environmental impact and human health. The result is each year more sustainable yarns are available to us all.

 This is becoming increasing important because hundreds of millions of tons of textile waste is generated every year in the Unites States alone. Natural fibers can take hundreds of years to decompose, and may release methane and CO2 gas into the atmosphere. Synthetic fibers are designed not to decompose and in landfills they release toxic substances into the groundwater and surrounding soil.

 The textile industry is reported to be number two in terms of air and water pollution worldwide. So, as one of the millions of hand knitters with needles in hand creating beautiful textiles we can each do our small part. Which adds up to a big difference—a healthier planet and as a result healthier people.


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