Summer Colors

When summer arrives, I can't help but want to wear colors that are more cheerful. And this year the color that has captured my attention is green. It's a color that most people do not put on their favorite list, with the exception of my long time red-headed friend who loves green in any shade. So, I thought I'd investigate the color and see what I discovered. Webster's definition of the word green reveals how useful it really is in the English language. The dictionary listed 10 definitions:

  1. Of the color green (That's pretty obvious.)
  2. Consisting of green plants and usually edible herbage (A green salad, please.)
  3. Pleasantly alluring (I wouldn't have guessed this one.)
  4. Youthful, vigorous (Yeah, that makes sense.)
  5. Not ripened or matured (I think this refers to food or people.)
  6. Fresh, new (Of course.)
  7. Marked by a pale, sickly, or nauseated appearance (Been there, done that.)
  8. Envious (I've been green with envy in numerous shades.)
  9. Not fully processed, treated or sawed (Like in liquor, cowhides and lumber—how versatile.)
  10. Relating to environmental issues (This includes green political movements, greener energy solutions, even green consumers.)

Well, gaining those insights into a color that in reality surrounds me every day (there's no winter where I live), I'm inspired to knit something in green. But which one: grass green, olive green, lime green, kelly green, forest green, emerald green? — James

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