The World’s Smallest Knitting Projects.

Recently I discovered the World’s Fastest Knitter, and now I have come upon the World’s Smallest Knitting Projects. These are works of art, and rather unbelievable, but very real. The extreme knitting that I’ve encountered until now has been oversized. Blankets, and overcoats knitted on one’s forearm or a needle larger than a broom handle. But Althea Crome has literally pioneered knitting garments on her own home-made stainless steel needles with a diameter of 1/100th of an inch. Using fine, silk sewing thread and working at 80 stitches per inch Althea creates beautiful jackets, gloves, socks and other creations. Althea states, “In my work you will see tradition and innovation combining and merging in surprising ways.” If you want to be surprised follow this link to see a gallery of her art.