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When Feeling Helpless, Help is at Hand

Today I came upon a woman who founded Knitwell, which helps facilitate the feeling of being productive among people who are feeling helpless. They feel helpless, even actual pain when their primary needs are not being met. These needs are the desires that drive you to take action in your life—the things you want beyond your physical needs. All behavior is simply an attempt to meet your prime needs.

When Carol Caparosa's  young daughter was recovering from multiple heart surgeries, she felt helpless spending endless hours in hospital waiting rooms. Then she discovered that knitting could sustain her, providing a welcomed distraction when it replaced her helpless feelings with a sense of productivity. Later she returned as a volunteer to the same pediatric unit to teach mothers of hospitalized children to knit in the hope they too would feel the benefits that she had experienced.

This inspired Carol to create Project Knitwell (projectknitwell.org) in 2010. It provides a proven wellness tool that helps people cope with stressful situations in hospitals and other community settings. So, whenever you're needs are not being met and you can't find the motivation to take action, simply pick up a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn...then help is at hand. 

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