Women are Wearing My Clothes

When I launched James Cox Knits as men’s knits in kits I expected men to show interest in my knitwear designs. An e-blast to 50,000 men generated peak traffic to the web site. Apparel News responded with a front page feature and a full page article on my men's knitting kits. The Tony and Emmy award-winning actor, BD Wong (a lifetime knitter) responded to what I offer, agreeing to model sweaters and then he provided a gracious endorsement. Next the folks creating gift bags for the Hollywood award season asked to include one of my kits. They are now in the hands of Hollywood’s A-list actresses. That was when I began to get the message that women also see my designs as women’s wear. Next while exhibiting at my first Vogue Knitting Live show a woman approached me wearing my Brian sporty sweater. In fact she had bought the very first kit I sold. It is no surprise that women buy most of my kits, but it is a pleasant discovery that many  are buying them to make fashionable clothes for themselves as well as men. Last year, I posted a blog on this subject referencing the fact that a Google search for women in men’s clothes generated over 7,000,000 results, including articles on the men’s clothes that women “Totally Should Wear” and why "Women Should be Buying in the Men's Section." And recently, a prominent retailer asked me to design a necktie for women. Well, I am now convinced that my designs are in fact gender neutral, because while I have designed hand knit menswear women are wearing my clothes. So, I invite you to take a look at my website with fresh eyes. Happy knitting!