Knitting Zen Series for Beginners

Knitting Zen Series for Beginners

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3 Classes via Zoom

Whether you view it as a craft, an art form or something fun to share with your friends, knitting also offers a wealth of other benefits. These include enhancing one’s physical and mental wellness. And providing a creative outlet for making fashionable knitwear and gifts with your own personal touch.

Sign up for James’ Knitting Zen series of 3 classes and learn more than the knit and purl stitch. Acquire a clear understanding of the essentials to guide you on your knitting journey, plus special tricks and tips. At the end of the series walk away with a set of your own beautifully crafted coasters or a cowl in distinctive stitch patterns.

The classes, taught by James, are interactive and online via Zoom with demonstrations, videos and downloadable tutorials. Yarn and needles are included in the Knitting Zen Series fee.

Purchase your Knitting Zen Series, then I will receive a notice and contact you to schedule a convenient day and time and provide you instructions for how to prepare. - James

Here’s what you’ll learn in this series of classes:

  • Classic knit and purl stitches
  • How to use knit and purl stitches to create 6 distinctive stitch patterns
  • Different ways to create the first row of stitches for a project
  • Different ways to secure your knitting when you finish a project
  • Yarn weights: lacey to bulky
  • When to use different types of needles
  • How to read patterns and charts
  • Characteristics of natural and synthetic fibers
  • How to choose the right yarn for a project
  • How to achieve correct stitch gauge
  • How to care for hand knit garments
  • Plus, numerous tips and tricks.


Sophisticated, elegant, stylish, chic. After seeing James’ collection, I may give up needlepoint.

Patsy A.

These designs take men's sweaters to a whole new level of luxury and deliciousness. Might have to get a new man once my divorce goes through, just so I can knit him a James Cox Knits sweater.

Florence Q.