Jason Texture Stripe Pullover Pattern
Jason Texture Stripe Pullover Pattern
Jason Texture Stripe Pullover Pattern
Jason Texture Stripe Pullover Pattern

Jason Texture Stripe Pullover Pattern

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This pattern includes instructions for all sizes, a list of all abbreviations, glossary of terms, and a crisp schematic with dimensions for proper blocking. The kit also includes my proprietary StitchSaver™ Row Checker. Plus, a link is provided to Knitting Help on my web site. 

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"It is hard to make a mistake with our unique complimentary Row Checker. It helps you keep track of stitch count row-by-row for each section of the pattern, plus all increase and decrease shaping. With check off boxes for each row you can put this project aside for a week, a month or a year and return to the exact spot where you stopped."
- James

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For your convenience, we’ve collected definitions for abbreviations, links to tutorial videos that may make knitting your project easier and more fun, as well as guides to techniques and tailoring. Visit the Knitting Help page on our website.

On those balmy summer nights when there’s a chill in the air, a light carefree sweater always feels just right. And this simple, yet stylish design looks great whether hanging out on the beach in a pair of shorts or having dinner al fresco. Knitted to create a loose drape, this pattern knits up fast and easy. The rows of purl stitches are spaced to evoke waves on the beach and the garter stitch trim provides a tidy finishing touch. Knitted top down with no seams, your knitting will be as carefree as the look of this finished sweater.
Haven’t knitted a top-down sweater before? Don’t worry. Here’s a free, printable PDF of top-down knitting instructions.

Yarn Recommendations
Lana Knit’s allhemp6 – DK – 100% hemp, eco-yarn

Long line flax is wet spun for vibrant color, outstanding drape, longevity and colorfast with ultimate softness and sheen. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And hemp is stronger and softer than cotton, will last twice as long and will not mildew. It’s a sustainable crop and an acre of hemp will produce as much fiber as 2 to 3 acres of cotton. While pesticides and herbicides are used in the production of other fibers, hemp requires none. Hand or machine wash, lay flat to dry or tumble dry.

Trendsetter’s Scarlett, DK, 100% Egyptian Cotton

This highest-quality cotton yarn is designed to be extra smooth as well as soft. A high twist, multi-ply washable yarn with loft and stretch, so it’s not only easy to care for, but easy to knit with as well.

The on-screen color representations for yarn may not be precise representations of actual colors due to variance in monitor calibrations.

Suggested Needles and Notions
The following is recommended but not included in the kit.

  • US5 double-pointed needles*
  • US3 double-pointed needles*
  • Stitch markers

*Or size needed to obtain gauge

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Many of our kits include our unique StitchSaver™ Row Checker, which makes it difficult to make a mistake.

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Sophisticated, elegant, stylish, chic. After seeing James’ collection, I may give up needlepoint.

Patsy A.

These designs take men's sweaters to a whole new level of luxury and deliciousness. Might have to get a new man once my divorce goes through, just so I can knit him a James Cox Knits sweater.

Florence Q.