Knitting Zen Programs

"Fresh, creative, restful—like going to a spa."
—S.Sepielli, Sedona, AZ

Over the past 40-plus years I have started and ended almost every day knitting. Consequently, during those four decades I have enjoyed many of the benefits that knitting provides. They have been very diverse, from acquiring patience to increasing concentration, reducing stress and anxiety, expressing my creativity, quitting a couple of rather undesirable habits and processing life's unpleasant challenges.

Today, I offer Knitting Zen programs. They are inspired by my own experiences and designed to teach knitting while sharing the many ways that knitting can enhance your sense of well-being,

I teach individual classes, multi-day courses or lead knitting retreats for beginners or people who already know how to work the needles and knit the stitches. For more information on class content, scheduling and fees, simply contact me at

Be well,